USB sockets are here to stay

Soon to be one of those things you wondered how you ever lived without, USB switched sockets are now widely available across the market.

Gone are the days when you needed to search endlessly for the plug to insert your USB wire into to charge your tablet or phone. The sockets are also provided with a standard two mains plug sockets, freeing up use for other appliances.

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3 ways lighting can help shape your new kitchen

Lighting can make a huge difference to a kitchen, but its often none considered as part of a re-design. Here’s some tips on things you should consider for lighting for your new kitchen

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We’re proud winners

We are overjoyed at being voted winner of the Best of Houzz 2015 awards by the Houzz community.
Our work won in the Customer Service category, as one of the top rated home building, renovation and design professionals in the UK and around the world.


Are you planning any electrical work? Here are some things to consider…

1.Often overlooked by the more exciting element of building and renovating, the design of your electrical plan is actually one of the key steps in ensuring your new home will be as comfortable and efficient as possible.

2.The right lighting plays an important role in the comfort of your home. Installing too few lights can result in your rooms looking gloomy and half-lit, while installing too many can make you feel like you’re in Blackpool so it’s best to make sure you sketch out an electrical plan.

3. Ask your electrician to perform an electrical safety assessment of your switchboard, wiring and fittings such as switches, lights and power-points. It will save future headaches.

4. Although all electricians are trained in the same knowledge base, they can often be specialised in different areas. They are required to constantly update their knowledge to keep up with developments and they may also opt to undertake further study at the end of their apprenticeship to further advance them in their chosen specialty. Knowing the difference between the different services offered by electricians is important.

5. Any new building or substantial renovation requires a smoke alarm to be hard wired to the mains power. All Landlords must ensure that tenanted or vacant properties have alarms installed and checked. Some electricians specialise in the installation of smoke alarms and will advise on the number of alarms required and where they should be positioned to be the most effective. They can also arrange for regular inspection and maintenance of the alarms which is particularly useful for the security and peace of mind of landlords and tenants alike.

6. Providing a safe environment in your home is always a top priority. Safety switches are an inexpensive and a simple way to protect your family against electric shock. Many deaths and injuries could be prevented each year if safety switches were installed in all homes.Installing a safety switch in new homes is now a legal requirement. If you are not sure if your home has a safety switch, you can check by looking for a test/reset button on your switchboard. It is highly recommended that all homes be fitted with one, and once installed they should be tested every six months.